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We are U.K. manufacturers and designers of quality affordable Waterproof Camera and lens covers and Neoprene Lens protection and camouflage.

Our products and supplies are specifically designed for those involved in all aspects of outdoor photography including wildlife, landscape, sports and wedding. We also stock Jack Pyke camouflage clothing.

Many Wildlife photographers, Sports photographers, Landscape and Wedding photographers around the world now prefer to use our products over other available brands.

Police personnel, the Military and surveillance companies are amongst the vast number of photographers that use Outdoor Photography Gear.

Outdoor Photography Gear products have been designed in conjunction with Wildlife photographers and tested around the world by both professional and amateur photographers, tour companies and those involved in surveillance operations.

"Outdoor Photographers Gear, designed and tested by photographers for photographers".

For those who just love being in the great outdoors watching wildlife, our supplies and products will suit your needs.

The products we manufacture here in the U.K. include protective Neoprene reversible Black and Camouflage lens cover kits for Canon, Nikon and Sigma lenses.

We also carry and manufacture Camera protection cases, Photographers camera rest beanbags, Tripod covers, Bag hides, Neoprene lens caps, Camouflage hide nets, Scrim nets, Waterproof camera and lens covers also Photographers Clothing.

If you’re not sure which product is suitable for your needs or should you require more information regarding our affordable photography supplies, please contact us on 01925 555727.

Based in Warrington
73 Manchester Road
WA1 4AE.
Email : sales@outdoorphotographygear.co.uk

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