Outdoor Photography Gear | Products in Use
Outdoor Photography Gear products showcased in use by photographers.

New Lightweight waterproof Lens dry bags. Available in various sizes to help keep moisture and dust away from your lens when out in the field. All seams are sealed and the top has a simple to use roll over top sealing system.

New Covers now available for the New Sony 100 - 400 f4-5.6 GM FE OSS. Photo in Reed/Harvest, picture with optional velcro zoom cover

New Neoprene lens Cover for the Tamron SP 70 200 f2.8 Di VC USD G2 now available

New Waterproof Cover Leaf Design, draw string rear closing for extra protection.

New Premium rubber backed fabrics now available, Left to Right Brown Grass, Harvest & Moss

Camouflage colours are, Left to Right, Woodland Green, English Oak and AP Camo.

Neoprene camera lens covers not only add camouflage to your equipment but protect expensive lens from day to day scratches.

Neoprene Camera lens covers |Canon | Nikon | Sigma

Outdoor Photography gear are fast becoming the U.K's leading Neoprene camera lens manufacturer and we currently have the largest catalogue of lens covers in the UK.

Outdoor Photography Gear | Waterproof A shaped safari beanbag

Designed with many uses in mind this photographers camera rest beanbag is now used worldwide by Safari companies and travelling photographers.

  • The bag can be filled with lightweight poly balls, seed or rice.
  • The shape of this bag allows you to work from cars with ease
  • It has a removable adjustable carry strap that can also be used to fix the bag onto the car making it more supportive.
  • When laying on the floor the bag offers great support and can be turned upside down to create the perfect V shape to rest your camera lens on.

Photos of Wildlife Photographer Steve Magennis in action using the bean bag.

Outdoor Photography Gear | Bag Hide

Designed by Neill Carden both of Our bag hides Leaf effect and Lightweight have proved very popular with photographers worldwide.

Designed with a built in lens snoot and Tripod apex and manufactured using strong mesh material, In English Oak, Woodland Green and NEW Leaf effect relief.

Using a bag hide gives you the freedom of movement that a pop up or dome hide will not.
Some outstanding photographic results have been achieved by wildlife photographers using this product, the Bag hide breaks up your silhouette and allows you to blend in with the surrounding countryside.
Photographer Stuart Wilson recently sent these pictures that were taken whilst taking pictures of Red Squirrels.